VX-Solo II

Indirect substation for use in single-family houses, semi-detached and terraced houses as well as flats.

The substation offers variable connection possibilities, as connection of pipes can be established both in the top or in the bottom of the substation.

VX-Solo II

Technické údaje

Kódové označenieTypPN
Max. teplota
Kapacita TPV
Typ regulácie-
Typ regulácie -

VX Solo II H, 1 HE circuit

004U8247 VX Solo II H type 1 (XB 06H-1-26)16120  20elektronická
004U8248 VX Solo II H type 2 (XB 06H-1-40)16120  30elektronická
004U8249 VX Solo II H type 3** (XB 06L-1-24)16120  15elektronická
004U8277 VX Solo II H type 1 with insulated pipes16120  20elektronická
004U8278 VX Solo II H type 2 with insulated pipes16120  30elektronická
004U8279 VX Solo II H type 3** with insulated pipes16120  15elektronická
004U8280 VX Solo II H type 1 with safety function16120  20elektronická
004U8281 VX Solo II H type 2 with safety function16120  30elektronická
004U8282 VX Solo II H type 1 w/ insulated pipes and safety function16120  20elektronická
004U8283 VX Solo II H, Type 2 w/ insulated pipes and safety function16120  30elektronická


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