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Termix VMTD-F-B

District heating substation for direct heating and instantaneous domestic hot water with thermostatic control. For use in flats, decentralized systems, one- and multi-family houses with up to 7 apartments.

The substation is a complete solution with built-in water heater and a differential pressure controlled heating system.

Termix VMTD-F-B

Technické údaje

Kódové označenieTypPN
Max. teplota
Kapacita TPV
Typ regulácie-
Typ regulácie -

Termix VMTD-F-B

144B3861 Termix VMTD-F-B-1 with zone valve1012033 - 40termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3862 Termix VMTD-F-B-2 with zone valve1012050 - 58termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3863 Termix VMTD-F-B-3 with zone valve1012065 - 75termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3864 Termix VMTD-F-B-4 with zone valve1012068 - 85termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3865 Termix VMTD-F-B-1 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation1012033 - 40termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3866 Termix VMTD-F-B-2 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation1012050 - 58termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3867 Termix VMTD-F-B-3 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation1012065 - 75termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144B3868 Termix VMTD-F-B-4 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation1012068 - 85termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144B3869 Termix VMTD-F-B-1 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation, UP 15-14 B1012033 - 40termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3870 Termix VMTD-F-B-2 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation, UP 15-14 B1012050 - 58termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3871 Termix VMTD-F-B-3 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation, UP 15-14 B1012065 - 75termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144B3872 Termix VMTD-F-B-4 with zone valve, HEX/Pipe insulation, UP 15-14 B1012068 - 85termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144B3873 Termix VMTD-F-B-1 with HEX/Pipe insulation1012033 - 40termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3874 Termix VMTD-F-B-2 with HEX/Pipe insulation1012050 - 58termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144B3875 Termix VMTD-F-B-3 with HEX/Pipe insulation1012065 - 75termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144B3876 Termix VMTD-F-B-4 with HEX/Pipe insulation1012068 - 85termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144H0231 Termix VMTD-F-B-11012033 - 40termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144H0232 Termix VMTD-F-B-21012050 - 58termostatická10 - 15deltaP
144H0233 Termix VMTD-F-B-31012065 - 75termostatická10 - 35deltaP
144H0234 Termix VMTD-F-B-41012068 - 85termostatická10 - 35deltaP


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