VGS is a 2-way pressure relieved thread valve for steam designed to be combined with:
- AVT Temperature actuators
- STM Safety temperature monitors
- STL Safety temperature limiters
- AMV(E) 20 / AMV(E) 30 electrical actuators
- AMV(E) 23 / AMV(E) 33 electrical actuators with spring return function

In combination with AVT temperature actuators and AMV(E) electrical actuators, the valve can be used for temperature control with steam or hot-water up to 200° C.


Technické údaje

Kódové označenieDimenzia DN
Maximálna teplota
Počet vstupov
Typ pripojeniaZdvih


065B0786 151252002Vonkajší závit3
065B0787 151.6252002Vonkajší závit3
065B0788 153.2252002Vonkajší závit5
065B0789 204.5252002Vonkajší závit5
065B0790 256.3252002Vonkajší závit5


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