ECL Comfort 110

The ECL Comfort 110 is a universal 1-circuit controller for use in district heating substations and district heating systems as well as boiler-based systems.

The product is an electronic controller for:

• weather compensated flow temperature control (heating)
• constant temperature control (domestic hot-water e.g.)

and prepared for new applications by means of chip card and communication interface.

The controller is designed for easy installation: one cable, one connector. The ECL Comfort 110 controller has a custom-designed display with backlight. For a quick overview, the display readouts are based on graphic symbols as well as text.

ECL Comfort 110

Technické údaje

Kódové označenieVyhotovenieNapätie
(V str. 50 Hz)
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ECL Comfort 110

087B1251 Universal hardware - 24 V a.c.2414
087B1252 Universal hardware - 24 V a.c. with timer program2414
087B1261 Universal hardware - 230 V a.c.23014
087B1262 Universal hardware - 230 V a.c. with timer program23014


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Technické údaje
Auto tuning and motor protection
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Údajový list
ECL Comfort 110
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ECA 110 Timer program for ECL Comfort 110 (chip card).
Instructions and Quick Guides for ECL Comfort 100