Thermal actuator TWA-ZL provides a cost effective solution for the control of hot and/or chilled water for fan coil units, small reheaters and recoolers in temperature control systems.

The actuator can be controlled with an on/off controller or switch.


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Valves VRG/B/VF/VL/VZ & Actuators AMV/AME- Country of origin
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Save energy with efficient and safe steam distribution
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Úspora energie efektívnym a bezpečným rozvodom pary
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Electrical Actuators (RoHS, WEEE directive)
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Manufacturer's declaration - Actuators & Valves (MCV)
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VDLER202_TWA-ZL.pdf (1,7 Mb), Číslo dokumentácie: VDLER202, Jazyk: Anglicky, Dátum publikácie: 29/02 2012